Meet Mark Ford and the Nice Money Publications Team Members


Mark Ford
CEO & Founder
Home business lifestyle coaching with Mark Ford, loyally stepping up for others SO THAT they are given inner peace. Many people live the life they think they have to live. They are overworked, underpaid, and unfulfilled. But the good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. My goal is to help you recognize your potential and equip you with the skills you need to turn that potential into a viable online home business in the digital economy. Mark brings a wealth of experience to the Company as a former UK lawyer turned successful entrepreneur. Mark specialises in publishing information in the home based business niche and has a wealth of knowledge which will help any aspiring entrepreneur start a profitable online business and create a lifestyle of time and financial freedom. A top notch digital marketer with a flare for affiliate marketing, blogging, content marketing and zero-cost lead generation strategies. Mark Ford is also a UK property investor renting out a number of properties in the Midlands area in the UK and in addition Mark Ford is a founder member and coach at the BLACK level for the Digital Experts Academy and an Elite Member of The Six Figure Mentors. Mark is also a former DJ with 1000 gigs under his belt and these days he enjoys travelling the world following his passion for cricket watching the England International cricket team.
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Project Management

Pete Harris
Project Management
With over 25 years of running successful business in the retail and service industries, Pete Harris is now an internet business entrepreneur. With success in the affiliate marketing sector Pete Harris is now developing his own information products and now brings his experience to Nice Money Publications Limited working alongside Mark Ford on project management.


Dave Ellis
Proof Reading and Copywriting Manager
As a former college lecturer, David Ellis enjoys writing and proof reading, and is a digital entrepreneur, lifestyle coach and mentor. David now runs a home based business and publishes articles on a wide range of home based business and marketing topics online and his mission in life is to help others succeed and obtain the freedom that they deserve in their lives.
Matt Press
Splash Copywriters
Matt Press is the founder, owner and Director of Splash Copywriters. He’s an academically trained UK copywriter who worked for Sky for over 10 years. Having written words for a high-profile brand like Sky Sports in a permanent copywriting position for such a long time, Matt finally decided that it was time to broaden his experiences by embracing the freelance life.

 Graphic Design and Publishing 

Nina Morrison
Graphic Design and Newsletter Publishing
Nina Morrison comes from a background of education, starting with music education and then later on branching out to elementary education. Her music background brings with it creativity skills which she has learned how to apply to graphics work online. It's in this capacity that she excels, working with Dalene McIntosh as a graphic design specialist. Nina also adds her creative skills to our monthly home business lifestyle newsletter bringing words on the page to life and works with Jon Watwood managing the websites.

 Information Publishing

Dalene McIntosh
Graphic Design & Information Publishing
My first love, from an early age was always art, but fearing the “starving artist” stereotype I chose a career in Graphic design which lead me to a career in Design and Marketing management in the traditional disciplines of marketing. This choice kept me in the corporate sector for over 20 years, creating packaging designs most people would recognise on supermarket shelves but keeping me from embracing any significant role that first love may have played. I loved being a designer, believing it to bridge the gap between creative expression and reliable income. As an artist, my greatest dream has always been to have the freedom to spend my life behind an easel painting and creating. As a mother I dreamed of being more available to my two daughters while still helping my husband to provide. The balancing act between designer, mother and artist served only to strengthen my desire to be self sufficient and even prosperous while having to freedom to live the lifestyle of my choice. in my role with Nice Money Publications I enjoy working alongside Pete Harris with the various information publishing projects and assisting Nina Morrison in her graphic design role.


Jon Watwood
Website Network Project Management
Passionate about helping others achieve their lifestyle goals, Jon Watwood feels at home working alongside the Nice Money Publications team. Jon is an experienced business man having owned a Greek restaurant in the past. He is now an experienced internet marketer and a founder member of the Digital Experts Academy which assists him in the building of his own internet business. Jon has a flare for building and managing websites and enjoys travel and being with his children in his spare time.

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