Article Marketing Is A Powerful Strategy

Article marketing is a form of advertising so that companies can write short informative articles detailing their comapany and it’s products and services.

A good way of doing this is putting as much information as possible in the bio box at the end of the article with company information such as a website adresses and contact details.

Article marketing has been a traditional method which has been used in all the history of printed media.

Now internet marketing has become a main source for article marketing by using tha many article marketing directories that are available.

These directories are a huge trafic source and are looked upon favourably by the internet search engines. By putting lots of content on these directories regularly will help your websites page ranking and search ranking significantly.

Also article marketing is great for your social presence as people will see you as an authority in your particular niche or industry and you will soon be seen as the go to person to solve peoples problems.

One tip is not to submit the same article to multiple article directories as it will be deemed to be duplicate content and this will be frowned upon from all the main search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo.

There are some pieces of software that can spin articles to create unique content but you may find that you will need to do a certain amount of editing to make it read correctly and to also match the look, feel and mood of your website so that your readers know that the information is coming from you directly.

There are also pieces of software that create articles from scratch and Mark Ford is proud to recommend Article Builder which will help you by reducing your time in creating fantastic content.

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